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Biotechnology & Pharmacy

Proven innovative solutions in flow measurement



Single-use flow sensors in the Biotech and Pharma markets are being utilized on a much greater scale than before.

Tube holders and PVDF rotor tubes in particular are being applied more often, particularly in Biotech applications. The PVDF tubes are packed separately and can be gamma irradiated for ultimate hygiene.

These sterilized tubes have a great range of possible applications including Tangential Flow Filtration, filter systems, protein and vaccine production, dialysis devices, blood measurement and endoscopy. Calibration data can be programmed using a barcode scanner which is both simple and effective. This procedure prevents having to execute the calibration procedure over and over again when a flow tube is exchanged.

Besides Single-Use flowmeters, we also provides a wide range of non-disposable flowmeters, suitable for the Biotech and Pharmaceutical applications.

Comprehensive validation and certification documentation available.

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