FM_Batch- and Flow Controller

Batch- and Flow Controller

Very ‘easy to handle’ controller for batching, dosing, filling, mixing and totalizing, depending on programmed version.
Multifunctional and simple to program with 4 keys.
Equiped with clear 2×16 LCD display and clearly audible buzzer.
Automatic Power-down Data safe mode

Application examples:

  • Batch to mainstream
  • Batch in time
  • Filling 2 liquids simultaneously
  • Filling 2 liquids sequentially
  • Proportional mixing
  • Flow monitoring and totalizing 1 or 2 flows
  • Pump control

The controller is assembled in a solid synthetic box with IP65 enclosure.
Several indicators on the PCB make it easy to analyse process failures.
The controller has an automatic power-down data safemode.


  • K-factor
  • Volume flow 1 and 2
  • Dose interval
  • Leakage alarm
  • No-flow alarm
  • Read out in different units
  • Adjustable lag- correction
  • Login codes

and much more

Ethernet protocol (option on request with X-com port)

Data log options:
With additional PC program and X-port availability.
Only with X-port communication port.

Process examples:
Availability of optional PC configuration and datalog  programm (only if ‚X‘ comm port on board of the 601 controller.)

For simple programming of calibration data of the K-factor (number of impulses per liter volume) a Barcode reader is available.

Characteristics Batch- and Flow Controller
Power supply 24 VDC
Dimensions 140 x 220 x 72 mm (WxHxD)
Casing High grade synthetic; others on request
Environment Temp 10 up to +70 degree C
Type of enclosure IP65
Display 2 x 16 digits
Input signals (depending of functionallity) 2 x flow meters, pulse max. 5 KHz.
external control for Alarm/Start-Stop/Up-Down
Output signals 1 x analogue, 0 – 10 V
1 x analogue, 4 – 20 mA
1 x valve or pump
1 x alarm, 1 x reject
3 x spare

Typical appications:

Biotechnology & Pharmacy
Biotechnology & Pharmacy
Cleanroom & Semiconductor
OEM & Customizing
OEM & Customizing
Peristaltic Pump control
Peristaltic Pump control
Single use
Water treatment & Disinfection
Water treatment & Disinfection

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